About Us

At Rhys Giles Hairdressing we have a policy of continuous improvement. We will endlessly focus on your needs as we create and deliver the image that you most desire, as our client you will not only feel that you are getting something special but that it is individually catered to your requirements.

Ultimately, it’s your hair, your style mixed with our teams’ knowledge and passion!

Rhys Giles

Rhys is an award winning stylist who lives for hairdressing. His passion and determination are the attributes of which put him at the foremost of the industry. Rhys is strongly committed to his art and strives to continuously improve.

Lorna Giles

Lorna is a former three times Welsh Champion Hairdresser whose appetite for the industry is as strong now as it was when she started her career in 1973 with her dedication winning her numerous accolades and awards. Lorna has been L’Oréal colour trophy grand finalist on no fewer than three occasions; she was a regular on the competition circuit in her formative years as a hairdresser.

She now heads up the Rhys Giles artistic team and is committed to producing the most creative work to satisfy any client needs.

Lorna is regarded as one of the top colourists in the UK.

Steven Giles

As a part-qualified accountant, who was on the board of Directors of the Hairdressing Employers Association (HEA) and has served on several working groups, Steven is responsible for all non-hairdressing aspects of the business. Steven has been in the industry since 1987, with his job also incorporating PR, advertising and business development.